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The NPA Advantage for Job Seekers

NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network, connects you to premier independent recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. Working with an NPA member ensures:

  • A Larger Pool of Employers. Working with an individual recruiter means you are working with their employer connections. NPA members have access to the contacts and relationships of more than 425 NPA member recruiters.
  • A Specialty Focus. NPA recruiters are specialized in many different areas. Finding a network of recruiters focused on your job specialty will create the best possible collection of opportunities for your potential placement.
  • Expertise in Matching Candidates and Employers. NPA members are professionals. A match that doesn’t work for the employer can be a damaging career move for you. Since NPA members guarantee their work to employers, it is in everyone’s best interest to find a solid long-term fit for you as a candidate and the right employee of the employer. Turnover is equally painful for all that are impacted by its effects.
  • Free to the Job Seeker. You can go it alone or you can have the support and guidance of a placement professional, all at no cost to you. The choice is clear. In addition to placement, coaching, and real-time feedback while engaged in a job search, all NPA members can offer relocation support services and other career- related tools to make your move to a new position even more efficient and productive.

Take advantage of what NPA members have to offer.

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NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network
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