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NPA is a global recruitment network that promotes split fee placements. Our split placement network of recruiters was founded in 1956.

NPA is a global recruitment network that promotes split-fee placements. Our top recruiter network enables members to better serve their clients through extended geographic reach, greater access to industry specialization, and improved operating efficiencies. In the process, NPA members benefit from increased profitability and a stronger competitive position. Unlike other professional recruiter networks, NPA is governed by a board of directors consisting of elected NPA members and supported by a professional staff headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).

  • Founded in 1956. Originally established as National Personnel Associates, NPA has been a leading recruiter network for more than half a century.
  • Member-owned network of recruiters. Every NPA member firm is a part owner of the split placement network, giving each a proprietary interest in the long-term success of NPA.
  • Highest ethical standards. NPA holds members to high professional standards that foster trust and cooperation between trading partners in our top recruiter network.
  • Incremental revenue. NPA creates income-generating split placement opportunities that members would not otherwise realize on their own.
  • Global reach. There are NPA members on six continents, creating a global recruitment network for members.

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If you are an owner of a successful recruiting firm with a strategic interest in increasing production through split-fee placements, contact our director of membership at +1.616.455.6776 Ext.15 or contact us online.

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