Cost of Membership in our Split Fee Recruitment Network

NPA effectively manages costs to better serve members and their clients.

NPA’s primary objective is to facilitate split fee recruitment among members. Split fee recruitment allows recruiters to better serve their clients, increase recruiting revenue and maximize return on investment. To that end, NPA strives to minimize the cost of membership and reinvests profits in our recruiter network.

Enrollment Fee. There is a US$500 enrollment fee for all new applications and a US$250 fee for each additional location. The enrollment fee is processed only if the application for membership is approved by the NPA Board of Directors.

Dues. Dues are required to continue your membership and are paid monthly.

Brokerage. A percentage of each split-fee placement with NPA partners is paid to NPA.

Return on Investment (ROI). The average return for all members on the annual investment is in excess of 750%. Members would not join and remain members unless the ROI justified the value that membership in NPA delivers year after year.

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For more information about joining NPA, contact our director of membership at +1.616.455.6776 Ext. 15 or contact us online.

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