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Membership in NPAworldwide, a recruiting professionals network, offers access to job orders and candidates and the opportunity to make more placements. Membership is a selective process that assures a mutually beneficial relationship. It typically takes approximately 3-4 weeks to go from initial point of interest to active membership in NPAworldwide. All the activities to become a member are detailed below:

Who Activity Average Duration
Prospective Member
  • Gains understanding of NPAworldwide
  • Self-evaluates potential fit
  • Reviews Timeline
  • Completes the “Expression of Interest Form”
1 week
  • Evaluates potential fit of the Prospective Member
  • Resolves any open questions
  • Extends an Application if mutual interest exists
1 week
Prospective Member
  • Completes and submits application along with payment authorization for enrollment fee and dues
1-3 days
  • Application review and evaluation (This is a selective process)
2-3 weeks
  • Application approved or denied
1 day



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Contact our director of membership at +1.616.455.6776 Ext.18 or contact us online for more information about joining NPAworldwide.

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