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Are you using the WOW factor?

March 15th, 2007 by The Imagination Factory

The WOW factor can be used by anyone and should be used by everyone in a job search! One of the most powerful aspects of any job search is being “different!” What is WOW?

WOW separates the strong from the weak.
WOW separates the sincere from the insincere.
WOW separates the yeses from the noes.
WOW is the full measure of your sales “ability.”
WOW is crucial when you are interviewing because it is the “ability” to “sell yourself!”

Are you WOW?
You can measure how much WOW you have in your job search by looking at the following 10 aspects of what makes up WOW:

1. Be totally persistent – to reach decision makers you must send your credentials, follow up on those credentials and then follow up to set an interview. Finally you must follow up on your interview, don’t forget your thank you note (personally hand-written.)

2. Be totally knowledgeable about your Target Corporation – know the companies Mission Statement, know their competitors, know how long they have been in existence, know the key executives and HR contact names. Do your research, your homework.

3. Be totally prepared – know what credentials they are requiring for the position, have your resume reflect what they are searching for, have a copy of past reviews, have a list of references (references who are aware they may be contacted.)

4. Be 10 minutes early – It is best to arrive early. It is always a disaster to arrive 2 minutes late. Carry in only what you need for your interview. Extra “things” appear “sloppy.”

5. Be totally professional – This means your entire first impression. Dress professionally, have a briefcase or portfolio that is new or in good shape. You then must continue by using correct verbiage. (NO SLANG – EVER!)

6. Be personable – Let your personality show! Smile! Give a firm, not crushing handshake.

7. Be aware of your “non-verbals” – Smile when you are greeted, your eye contact is very important – look at their eyes and then in front of you. Looking down is a sign of insincerity. Shake hands in a friendly, yet professional manner. Walk and sit up straight – this is a sure sign of self-confidence.

8. Totally separate yourself from your competition – Have new ways to present your experience, have creative ways to present your skills. Plan how you are going to set yourself apart from everyone else.

9. Be totally confident – As mentioned earlier, walk and sit straight, be very comfortable with your resume and your answers to their questions. Keep good eye contact when asking and answering questions. At the end of your interview ask for the job!

10. Be WOW yourself – You must be positive, enthusiastic, focused, polished and outstanding!

These will make you MEMORABLE!

Nancy J. Phillips, CPC
Courtesy of: Good as Gold Training, Inc. (


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